The unfortunate road kill that occured along Nung Ukim highway. by edem eniang

The unfortunate road kill that occured along Nung Ukim highway.

I met it smashed by a vehicle around 3.45pm. All attempts to resusitate it failed thereby spiiling my day.

I did all I could to safe a male subadult African Rock Python from heading to the soup pot because the excited mob did not allow me to do so but I succeeded in debunking one of the most erroneously held Nigerian myth about African Pythons bearing a poison sting (Ifut Asabo in Ibibio language) at its tail. Those structures are the vestigial remnant of the supposed hind limbs that ancient squamates had and today serves to aid the hemi-penis of the male python in Photos 1 and 2 during mating. Pythons have no stings and are not capable of killing trees with any sting. My people, please stop the reckless killing of pythons to prevent extinction. Prof #Luca Luiselli can explain more if you are in doubt.So that your death may not have been in vain….Starting from this 21st day of December 2021, I implore all the good people of Nigeria…please help us to protect Rock Pythons in Nigeria. Do not hunt or kill it….For more information see NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IUCN Save Our Species Global Wildlife Conservation Center African Wildlife Foundation Convention on Migratory Species CITES IUCN Red List of Threatened Species British Ecological Society Conservation Ecology Group GEF Small Grants Programme Nigerians for Wildlife Nigerian National Park Service, Okomu unit park, edo state Cross River National Park. Akamkpa Lekki Conservation Centre Nesrea Beauty of Nature In Nigeria BBC News BBC Earth BBCNews Pidgin English. Born Free Foundation